Invitation Wording Tips

You've got your wedding planned out and now it's time to get some invitations made. Below is a list of various wording examples that we believe may be helpful. These only serve as a guide. You may always have the invitations worded the way you want.

Basic Elements
No matter how you want your wedding invitations to be worded, usually all wedding invitations should include the following information:
  • The hosts (An example of this would include "Mr and Mrs. John and Sarah Smith request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter")
  • The formal request to attend the wedding
  • Names of couple
  • The date and time
  • Location of Ceremony (usually a place of worship)
  • Location of reception
  • Date and time(s)

The Hosts
Typically, this goes at the very top of the invitations. In a lot of cases, the bride's parents are the ones to host the wedding and have their names at the top of the invitation. It is also generous to include both sets of parents. Nowadays, more couples are hosting their own wedding or are doing so together with the parents.
  • Example wording of bride's parents hosting: Mr and Mrs. John and Sarah Smith request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter
  • Hosted by bride, groom, and parents example: Together with their parents, Robert and Rebecca request the pleasure of your company
Examples wording for the request to attend:
  • request the pleasure of your company
  • would love for you to join them
  • invite you to celebrate with them
  • request the honor of your presence
  • at the marriage of their children

Names of Couple
After the hosts and the request for attendence, the names of the bride and groom follow. Traditionally, the bride's name comes first because of the tradition that the bride's parents usually host the event. The invitations should contain the bride's full name and the groom by his full name and title.

For a same-sex couple, you may choose whatever fits best. You may either put the names in alphabetical order or go with which sounds better first.

Date and times
Wedding invitations generally have everything spelled out. This includes the date and time. Examples:
  • Friday, the seventh day of September two thousand twenty at four o'clock in the afternoon
  • Saturday, the second of October two thousand twenty at seven o'clock in the evening

The street address of a venue can be omitted unless doing so would lead to confusion. Usually all you need to include is the venue name and the city and state.

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